Only for You MCOM 225

My first three weeks of MCOM 225, the class I started this blog for have been a whirl wind – literally! I started out missing the first weeks “class time” due to forgetfulness but made it to lab.  Which was a blast because I was able to learn more about the other students interests.  My second week I was gone to Kansas City, Mo. for the Agriculture Future of America (AFA) Leaders Conference.  I had the honor of being on their Student Advisory Team which meant I co-planned and led the conference with eight other outstanding individuals.  The website for more information about AFA is  To check out how the conference went, you can search @AgFutureAmerica, #AFALC11, #Track1, #Track2 and #Track3 on twitter.  We encouraged tweeting all throughout the conference this year and had over 500 tweets! 

The third week has come in chugging in like a train.  I can’t believe it is already November! As I think about my goals for the class three things come to mind:  first to learn all I can about social media and video production, second to apply these lessons daily and for the rest of my days, and lastly, to share the tips with others who didn’t have the opportunity to take this class. 

My performance has been a bit under the weather due to my absence, but I AM BACK! So my performance meter is already on the climb.  Considering all the responsibilities I have, I am pleased with my blogging and twitter efforts. 

The things I have done well are: blogging about the topics I said I would, and tweeting according to what I planned as well. 

The things that I can do better are: blog more frequently, diversify my blogging topics, include videos as well as music that is written and performed by myself. 

My routine for blogging and tweeting is very random.  I wait for things to strike me because I am “struck” by multiple events, scenes, places, animals and people daily.  I then choose from those.  I also take into account current events in my life, and this world.  My routine as far as when I actually sit down to blog is in the evening or early morning, in this rare case I am still on campus in Avera 041 thirty minutes after class has ended.  


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