California O Boy!

Well over a week ago my mom and I set out on a journey towards Riverdale, CA.  We tented on the way out, a 30+ hour drive.  We visited the Focus on the Family Campus, Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame, the Garden of the Gods, the Royal Gorge, the Four Corners, the North Rim of the Grand Canyon and finally Lake Mead and Hoover Dam!  It was absolutely one of the funnest road trips I have been on yet.  I can’t wait for the road trip to return home to South Dakota.  So what brings me to California?  Opportunities for learning in this world are everywhere if you just look for them.  I found out about an internship on the Maddox Dairy near Riverdale, CA through a college friend and thought it sounded great.  Little did I know seven months ago that I would be in California for real one day! The Maddox Dairy milks around 3,500 registered Holsteins cows.  My internship will take me through various parts of the dairy from calf raising, milking, breeding, and much more.  I have just completed my second day of work on the dairy today.  I work primarily with latinos, many who do not speak english.  But things seem to be going well from what I can tell.  It is a learning experience for them to have to communicate with me and me with them.  They are all very kind people, and very hard working.  I have started my internship working with the calf raising area.  The dairy does a great job of raising calves, but still has challenges like every farm.  Today I learned many of the protocols for sick calves, set a broken leg, vaccinated calves, bedded calves, and learned more about the record keeping system in the calf raising area.  I am excited about learning more this summer, and getting a LOT of hands on experience!  


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