Yesterday I diversified my agriculture perspective touring the Sun Pacific Packing Facility where I learned how oranges and kiwis are processed as whole fruit. The facility on average exports 30 loads of oranges a day, 1,000 boxes per load which sell for $15-16 a box mostly to Korea & Japan! The oranges that don’t make the cut for human consumption get fed to livestock and this particular facility on average sends out 100,000 oranges a day for that purpose.

The kiwis are marketed domestically for the most part and they ship about 1,000 boxes of kiwis a day with each box selling anywhere from $16-20 a box. Kiwi can also be sold for livestock feed but not near as much since the kiwis can also be sent to a juicing facility not far from the packing plant.

The biggest difference about the orange and kiwi process is that kiwis are sorted by weight, and oranges by size. Beyond that both fruits go through a cleaning procedure on equipment that’s cleaned daily. The oranges are also measured for acid and sugar content with high tech equipment from Japan.


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