#Milk! 👍😎 #dairyfarmer (at Watertown Holsteins)

This is what part of our milking equipment looks like.  Each cows has four quarters, each with a teat completing her one udder.  The milker has four teat cups, one for each quarter.  When the teat cups are on her they feel much like a calf suckling on her teats.  The milk goes from the milker, into the bottom hose that connects to a stainless steel pipeline that carries the milk to a refrigerated cooler, called a bulk tank.  The top hose that looks like two hoses stuck together is the pulsation hose.  This pulsating function is such that while two teat cups are milking two release slightly and this motion goes back and forth till she is done.  The pulsation is what gently squeezes her teat.  So only two teats are gently squeezed, then two released, then two squeezed, then two released etc.  


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