When Dreams Evolve

There is nothing easy about pursuing one’s dreams.  I have always had this idea in my head that there were certain things I couldn’t achieve unless I attained a veterinary license.  Which I recently discovered to be untrue.  I assumed if I didn’t accomplish that, then I was taking the path of least resistance.  Also, untrue!  I believe that the veterinary profession is a noble calling and if you desire it, then go after it.  However my dreams evolved.  The hard part about that was the huge surprise it threw on many people in my life.  Now I know why, and I learned something very valuable from that.  I realized that showing people my vulnerability should happen.  Sharing my complete thoughts with those who deserved to hear them about acceptance to veterinary school would have made a huge difference.  In fact, this wouldn’t be written if I had just had the difficult discussions earlier.   But I am still learning how to be vulnerable, and it is so hard.  I hate asking for help and I hate showing uncertainty.  As an uncertain person about pursuing my education in a classroom countless times before; I was afraid to connect on the topic with people close to me.  My point is no matter what you have said you want to do, don’t be afraid to connect with those closest to you about it.  They deserve to know.  At the same time, don’t be afraid to change your mind no matter how they react.  After all we don’t have to connect with anyone if we don’t want to, but what kind of life is that?  It is OK to be weak, it is OK to have doubts, and it is OK to share your secrets.  Just don’t allow your weakness, your doubts, and your secrets to isolate you from those closest to you about decisions.  They won’t give up on you and they deserve to know.  None of us are perfect and we all need help from people in our lives.  Don’t be afraid to let your true self out and let your dreams evolve.  


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