Let’s Be Transparent Dairymen

It is very important for each and every member of the dairy industry to be transparent with the media.  We are in a continuous food war here in the United States especially on topics such as food safety and animal welfare.  Unfortunately, one bad apple can spoil the basket.  Recently a dairy promotional company sent out letters to it’s dairy producers urging them to direct media away from the dairy for protection.  Now, I have not read the letter personally, and believe there is a twist put on it already in the news release.  However what’s more important is the protection of the men and women who dedicate there lives to feeding others.  There are laws being passed around the country making it illegal to shoot secret on-farm footage.  I wish that laws like this were unnecessary.  Unfortunately, that is what we have come to, in this food war.  The future of the agriculture industry is hinged on many things, but the consumer is number one!!!!  Dairy farmers in order to be successful must take good care of their cattle.  There should be no reason for a dairy farmer to turn away the media.  He or she ought to be proud of the dairy farm.  If they aren’t, then the necessary corrections for transparency should be made as soon as possible.  One of the things I enjoy most is asking dairymen how they care for their cows.  More often than not, they love showing me and others around their dairy farm(s).  Being transparent is CRITICAL now more than ever.  For the future of the dairy industry, LET’S BE TRANSPARENT, or get out of the basket.


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