3 Ideas to Stay Motivated in Daily Life

They say the only constant in life is change.   I have done my best to enjoy each and every step of my journey because of God’s grace, including the fun days and the not so fun days.  With all the changes in life one might think we could all ‘stay on our toes’.  I know from personal experience that it takes more than just my own thinking to keep me motivated, that is for sure!  I understand how daily life can tend to become routine deterring our creativity, spontaneity and motivation.  Here are three ideas that help me stay motivated in my daily life.

1.  Find learning opportunities that spark your curiosity

Whether it’s a local small group, an online webinar, a local or virtual mastermind group, a speaker, a coach to help you reach your goals or a new hobby that requires some practice or lessons.  Find something that keeps your brain engaged at a higher level on a daily and or weekly basis.  This will help you stay more productive.  I find that if I am looking forward to an opportunity and anticipate that more is coming, I will push harder to finish my current task(s) preventing me from enjoying it.  

2.  Read inspiring motivational quotes and books

In this digital age it is disgustingly EASY to waste time on a smart phone.  Instead of letting my phone distract me from productive tasks I allow myself to read motivational quotes and listen to books on the Audible app.  Various social media apps for example Instagram, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr and even Facebook have people or pages to follow that constantly display motivational and inspirational quotes.  There are also many motivational speakers and authors whose web pages you can subscribe to via email.  For example, John C. Maxwell, a renowned speaker and author, has a daily ‘Minute with Maxwell’ coaching video I’m subscribed to.  Turn apps and subscriptions into things that help inspire you to accomplish your goals, not distracts you from them!  In my personal experience and because my faith is so important to who I am, I have to share that keeping myself grounded in the Bible is key.  This allows for me to see more and more of God’s vision for me, which helps me to stay motivated more than any of the things I listed above!!!  

3.  Listen to motivational speeches and podcasts

YouTube as well as MusicTube are great places to create playlists of motivational speeches and videos.  MusicTube is similar to YouTube but allows you to download the video and play it anytime without the use of the internet which saves $$ on data packages.  Just search for motivational speeches and believe me, there will be plenty!!  Take advantage of them!  Four of my favorites are Zig Ziglar, John Maxwell, Eric Thomas and Les Brown.  Don’t forget about podcasts either, there is an abundance of great content out there, you just have to look!  Here’s a place to start>>>Check out my friend, Brent Kelly’s BizzGrowl Podcasts at https://player.fm/series/the-agent-leader-podcast.  

Hope these 3 ideas help you stay MORE motivated in your daily life! 


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