Statistics That Should Scare All of Us!

Growing up on a dairy farm is the best thing that ever happened to me.  There were days where I thought my parents equalled slave drivers but when I look back now, I realize how blessed I was!  For example doing the chores daily taught me how to be responsible and gave me skills I still use no matter what I’m doing.  No one chooses where they were born, what family they were born into, who their parents were or what their parents did for a living, and for the sake of the sentence I think you get my point.  All of the things that we are, we know, and we have…aren’t because of everything we did.  I believe that with all my heart because I know there’s a power greater than me who orchestrates everything in my life.  He is the one who chose where I’d be born, who my family would be, what my parents would do.  Nonetheless, we all have a choice in what we fill our days with once we are grown.  The statistics below from Mike Rowe are quite disturbing and I hope they scare us all into action.  600,000 jobs need skilled workers, yet according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics we still have 9.3 million people unemployed.  We need to continue growing and learning for the rest of our lives and encouraging and inspiring those around us and the next generations to do the same.  Though we don’t get to choose every detail of our lives we can choose to invest in ourselves and others.  We can build our skills through reading, most libraries are free!  We can take a class, there are scholarships available all year round.  Or we could even intern with a company we are interested in, companies are always seeking to improve with new ideas.

“You are never to old to set another goal or to dream a new dream…” C.S. Lewis


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