When You Take Two Steps Back and One Forward

Sometimes I read things I posted a couple of years ago and wonder whether or not I am becoming wiser as the years pass.  It’s rather silly that such a thought as that comes to mind because I know the choices I have made are done and over.  Even if I felt like I took two steps back and then one forward!  Since I made the decision to halt my ‘veterinary dreams’ I have pondered whether or not that previous sentence is true.  I have already stated that I don’t need more credentials to give to the world around me.  The funny part is that a dream…never really dies, dang nab it!  Sometime in life we make choices that give us instant gratification, and I can honestly admit that I tend to do this.  However, there were other logical factors involved in my decision such as how to pay for such mind-boggling, expensive education as I was not a resident of the state I was about to enter.  My heart told me that it was more important for me to be with Mi Lechero aka my husband, and to work on some others goals near and dear to me.  Sometimes we shoot so high for a dream, we want to jump the whole staircase instead of take it step by step.  When we reach a success rapidly, maybe our mentality hasn’t caught up with where we were headed.  Life isn’t making as much sense as I thought it would and I wish I would’ve known more of these things earlier in life, so now I am grateful I do!  I am glad God is showing me that while I strive for a goal, I have to put myself there mentally before I can get there.  It is WAY to easy for me to be distracted by things that pull at my heart.  I heard someone say that sometimes in life God has a big lesson for us to learn about ourselves, and until that character comes out strong enough for us to notice we’ll never change it.  Well, I think that mine shouted at me loud and clear.  It has been a blessing having time to work on my own character and do some self-examination.  I think it is good for all of us to do that, though I expect few will.  God is working in my life and using some great people around me here in Georgia to teach me many things.  For now, I am just grateful for the new opportunities in front of me, thankful to have learned more about my own character and what I can do to make it stronger for whatever God decides to lay in front me in the future.  After all one once said, luck means good preparation meets opportunity.  I guess my journey requires me to take a couple steps back in order for me to continue forward and you know what, thank God I am not the only one!  Here’s to better preparation mentally, physically, and spiritually for whatever life brings because as far as I know the rest of life has a lot of blank pages to be filled!


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