Without Him…I’m Nothing

Crazy and heartbreaking to think that the next time I go home almost all the cows will be gone… ;( Life isn’t all that you think it will be, but you have to hang on because God has a bigger plan than we will ever know. I still cry about all that’s happening with my family’s farm, but it’s in God’s hands not mine… and it always has been. Yet I haven’t always known that it was in His hands, I have often thought I had control of my life and the things that made it up. I thought I needed to do everything, that somehow I was going to save the world…boy was I full of myself (Those of you who know me, it’s progress not perfection!) It wasn’t until I realized just how broken I was and in that humbled, that I surrendered to God. It’s not about me and never has been… It is funny (yet not!!) how often as a Christian that I thought people ought to fall in love with Christ because of me. It has nothing to do with me!! It has everything to do with Him, the hope and healing that He brings in that no matter how badly we think we mess-up, no matter how badly we feel we dishonored Him and our family and friends, no matter what…He LOVES us and accepts us in all our human faults and gives us grace! If someone looks at me, the only thing I want them to see is Jesus working through me, because without Him…I’m nothing.

Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify you Father in heaven.

Matthew 5:16

God has healed my heart over and over again and He can do the same for you.  I want to be more like Christ because He is so loving, so kind and so good.  I don’t choose Christ because I am scared of hell or any other reason.  I choose Him because I know what He has done for me!  He has given His life for me and for you!!  Even though we fall short all the time, over and over again.  I am so thankful that by surrendering my heart, mind and life, He can help me, and use me in ways that I never dreamed of.  He can take what’s broken and make it beautiful.  God bless you in your walk with Him!

Lechera Ana


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