Playing Well with Udders

In my life just like many before me but maybe not all, I have had to grow A-LOT in the area of self-awareness.  We are all born with a clean slate, innocent and pure minded.  The things we learn about ourselves and what our subconscious beliefs become, determine what we will do and where we will go.  Ultimately I have come to realize (with the help of some coaching) that my subconscious beliefs are what truly control my choices—my potential.  The more that I am focused on my own personal growth and increased self-awareness the more I am reaching toward my own full potential.  The John Maxwell Team has been teaching me so much these past eight weeks and I am very excited that I have the opportunity to be a ‘river and not a reservoir’ with the core learning programs.  God makes a way for each of us but we have to take action to get us there.  I will be learning and trying to push my own personal growth for the rest of my life and I look forward to helping others do the same.  So here’s to playing well with udders! (Others of course ;))  As I learn and grow, my relationships with others can become even richer and let’s include all my bovine friends in that too!  They are such goofs I usually can’t control the laughter they help me experience on a daily basis!   



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