Go for the GROWTH!! 

Ladies and gentlemen, I’m grateful for the opportunities God has provided for me to grow.  Before I go on, I want to have a shout out here to my family and especially my husband, Salvador.  I am thankful that he encourages me in my calling.  In so many ways he is helped me to become who I am today.   I also have to say that as a mother to our dear little Prudence, she also pushes my growth on a daily basis! I bet any mother reading this can attest to that about their own child, or children! 

So, as I have pursued starting and running my own business as a mom entrepreneur, I have learned each and every day—I have much to learn!!  I joined the John Maxwell Team a little over a year ago and during that time the John Maxwell book, Intentional Living, rolled out.  At that time, I was just trying to sink my teeth into all of the material of this blessed program which is way more than anyone could ever go through in their lifetime!  The President of our team, Paul Martinelli, has made sure of that!  You see, I have been filled with good intentions for most of my life and of course I’m a little biased to, wink, wink!  Since I was young little girl I can sincerely say I wanted to make a difference—I wanted to support those around me, both animals and people!  I truly believe we all want to live a life of significance; we want our time on this earth to matter.  That’s exactly what John Maxwell’s book, Intentional Living, is all about.  

Here are a few highlights I have learned from John Maxwell’s book, Intentional Living.  First, that it’s not enough to just intend to pursue a goal, it’s not enough to just plan on it, and it’s not enough to just desire it.  He asks us to look at our actions over the past week, month and year.  I need to search myself and see if my life is characterized by good intentions or intentional living.  Do I take actions or do I just intend to take action?  It’s not enough to have a heart to make a difference.  One has to take actions and most importantly, to take actions, one has to think on the things he or she will do!  My challenge question to you is, what are you doing to make a difference in the lives of those around you? If you’re unsure about your life and how you make a difference, I encourage you to reach out to me I would love to have you in an upcoming mastermind group!  You can’t start when you get good, you have to start to get good!  

Here is a testimonial from one of my fantastic clients, Renee!  She is a rockstar realtor who completed the Intentional Living Mastermind this year in February!  CONGRATULATIONS, RENEE!  You are going places my friend! 

Ana was an excellent facilitator, she takes the time to listen and respond professionally with encouragement. It is very apparent that she has studied and understands all the material.  I learned how to break through limiting beliefs.  I also learned how being intentional on a daily basis helps you reach your goals faster and with more clarity as each day passes.  I would recommend joining a mastermind group with Ana Ruiz to anyone who would like to not only improve their business, but improve their life. Her knowledge and coaching exceeded my expectations! 

The journey for Renee, just like each of us is so unique and filled with times of excitement and also times of frustration yet there is SO MUCH more coming, ALWAYS!!  For more information regarding an Intentional Living Mastermind email, schweerana@gmail.com.  


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