5 Tips for Internships

As a John Maxwell Team Certified Coach and Dairy Woman by trade, I bring you my very first podcast>>>5 Tips for (SUCCESSFUL) Internships!

If you are hiring interns, have hired interns in the past or are going to be hiring one or more interns in the near future, please share with your interns! NOW, if YOU ARE CURRENTLY an intern these are helpful tips for your success!

My internship experiences are very deep in the dairy industry however I know that these tips can be helpful no matter the industry!  Please, if you fit in to the categories above feel free to comment with more tips for success as many young and old alike are embarking (or have just embarked) on internships for the summer!

Why take these tips from me?  My personal internship experiences are as follows:

Midwest Dairy Association, Industry Relations Intern, South Dakota

Maddox Dairy, Dairy Production Intern, California

Prairie Gold Dairy, Dairy Heifer Raising Intern, South Dakota

Maddox Dairy, Dairy Reproductive Trainee, California

Riverview LLP, Dairy Production Intern, Minnesota

Alta Genetics, Sales Support Intern, Southeast United States

I can confidently say that I had and have a positive relationship with each one listed above and it is all because of the great people I had the opportunity to learn from!  I would not have learned these five tips if it weren’t for each of my experiences.  Have questions about my internship experiences?  You can search my blog to read about them and see pictures or send me a message as well!  I wish you all the very best in your current and future internships experiences no matter if you are the one hiring or the one applying!

Listen here for 5 helpful tips for successful internships!!

5 Tips for (Successful) Internships Podcast 


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