The Foundation for Confidence

Since high school I’ve been on a journey of ‘increasing my confidence’.   I used to stand on the fact that I was a dairy woman, I was a dairy cattle owner, I was a past dairy princess and I held ‘all these leadership positions’ etc. to build my self-esteem.  I looked to all of my achievements to build and hold myself up.  I looked to all of my skills, talents and capability in dairy too.  I also looked to my relationships to build me up.  And I have read numerous articles, read different books, gone to qualified counselors, listened to wise people, and to numerous inspirational speakers, videos etc.  However I believe that the key I was missing up until recently is the fact that confidence without a firm foundation in Jesus Christ is unfounded.  It is only with a firm foundation that I can thrive!  I am overjoyed to know and understand this now!!  God’s plan for me is who I hope to be.  I can only know that plan and have confidence when I am standing on Him.  It’s not about me, it is all about Him and what He can do through me.

“We are all starved for the glory of God, not self.  No one goes to the Grand Canyon to increase self-esteem.  Why do we go?  Because there is greater healing for the soul in beholding splendor than there is in beholding self. Indeed, what could be more ludicrous in a vast and glorious universe like this than a human being, on the speck called earth, standing in front of a mirror trying to find significance of his own self image?  It is a great sadness that this is the gospel of the modern world.

The Christian Gospel is about “the glory of Christ,” not about me.  And when it is —in some measure—about me, it is not about my being made much of by God, but about God mercifully enabling me to enjoy making much of him forever.”

John Piper, ‘Seeing and Savoring Jesus Christ’  (pages 15-16)

Today I praise God because I can rejoice and rest in my relationship with Him!!!  My significance and my confidence come from above!  And hear me out—I am not done building my foundation in Jesus Christ.  I have to be reminded daily that His grace is enough and He is the author of my life and my confidence.  My journey with Him will go on for eternity.  Now that’s something I want to stand on.


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