About Ana Leigh Ruiz 

My name is Ana Leigh Ruiz.  My passion for life started with dairy farming.  I grew up on a small family farm, caring for a bunch of goofy, black and white, four-legged creatures called Holsteins!  I studied the science of caring for dairy cattle through college at South Dakota State University, my life has been centered around the best care for dairy animals.  I am also grateful that I had the opportunity to care for a couple of God’s very vulnerable children.  I am grateful now to be a mother and know that my calling is to stand up and speak out for the helpless in our world whether it be the orphans or the animals.  Each day I spur others on toward all that their maker is calling them to be!

I am passionate about my faith, family, people and leadership.  Other topics that I get overly excited and talkative about include animal welfare, proactive veterinary medical care of the dairy cow, dairy genetics and breeding, dairy management, dairy training, dairy farming, hoof health care, dairy nutrition, learning how to make dairy systems more efficient, farm succession, entrepreneurship, bucking bulls, violin, guitar, biking, video production, cooking, hunting, networking, learning and much more!  You could find me writing about all of them or something new any time! Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog, God Bless!

If you want to know more about me follow me on Twitter, username @Analeighruiz, or look for me on Facebook as Ana Leigh Ruiz and LinkedIn as Ana Leigh Ruiz.  My YouTube channel is Dairy Woman.


2 thoughts on “About Ana Leigh Ruiz 

  1. Hello Ana,

    I’m sorry to write out of the blue like this but I’m a young, British journalist writing an article about America’s Dairy Princesses for a UK magazine: I heard that you were the 54th Princess for South Dakota and it would be really wonderful to hear more about your story.

    We don’t have this role in the UK but it looks like it plays a special part in building a community around the Dairy Industry in the Midwest? And it would be great to find out more about what it takes to become one, to its like being one, and the different things you’ve gone on to do afterwards – both within and outside the dairy industry.

    I was especially excited by your website as you seem to have so much passion for what you do. I’m also really keen to explore the role of woman farmers/in dairy and it would be super to get your thoughts on this.

    I’m actually travelling to South Dakota next week to see to attend the Sioux Falls dairy expo. Perhaps you might also be going too? Either way, it would be lovely to be in touch. You can reach me on twitter, Facebook, or my email is india.bourke@gmail.com.
    With all best wishes,


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