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Dairy farmers want labeling changed on soy and rice products

“Dairy farmers say soy products on the market calling themselves “milk” or “yogurt” are making false claims.”  (recordnet.com)

I have heard the saying, show me how to milk a soybean and I will call it milk.  I always chuckle when I hear this because it’s impossible to milk a soybean haha!  I understand why someone who has allergies to dairy or lactose intolerance may choose a product without dairy.  However even with lactose intolerance, one can consume dairy products, just in small amounts at a time.  This is an interesting read from recordnet.com.  Check it out as well as some of the useful links I have attached below.  

To learn more about the dairy imitators click on this link, http://www.midwestdairy.com/0t298p335/dairy-imitators/ 

If you are lactose intolerant or think you may be check out this site for more helpful information.





Dairy farmers want labeling changed on soy and rice products