Dells Vet Clinic

Today I shadowed the vets in Dell Rapids, SD! We discussed management of colostrum and maternity pens. Covering topics from how important personalities play in to day to day communication on any farm or in any business, to the stages of calving labor in dairy cattle. I found out that though 40% of immunoglobulins are denatured in pasteurization the remaining 60% can do the job. However the colostrum has to have a Brix refractometer reading of at least 25, which is the solids level in the colostrum. The higher the solids level the better! A calf that receives clean, quality colostrum warmed to the correct feeding temperature, 105-108 degrees Fahrenheit, within a few hours of birth has a significantly higher chance of survival than one that doesn’t. There is no product that can replace the colostrum that comes from a mature cow, one who has had at least two calves. I also had the opportunity to witness a dog neutering surgery and another dog had a full dental exam with teeth cleaning and all. It was another great time to shadow some great vets! I especially enjoy shadowing because it helps me get more excited about applying to vet school!!! Yay!!!


Check out the excitement of our heifers and dry cows as we bed them! Cattle never cease to make me laugh! Haha!

Take a look into Maddox Dairy through my video blog. A great farm, great family, lots of great people. This is my second video, week two. Just shows you around the place a little more and a few other things too. Hope you enjoy! 🙂 Something not in the video, the calves are fed milk twice a day as well as grain three times a day.  Any questions email me at or use the ask me anything button.