What Do You Hunger For? 

A. W. Tozer once said, “we are all the sum total of our hungers.” James Allen in his book, As a Man Thinketh, states that “the soul attracts that which it secretly harbours; that which it loves, and also that whih it fears; it reaches the height of its cherished aspirations; it falls to the level of it’s unchastened desires–and circumstances are the means by which the soul receives its own.” Most all of us want more out of life yet he also said this of us as humans, “men are anxious to improve their circumstances, but are unwilling to improve themselves; they therefore remain bound.”
Contentment is an important virtue but contentment with our inward state in relation first to our spiritual growth and then our growth as human beings spells inward blindness. You see if we believe we have arrived we will not go any farther because it would be foolish in our eyes to waste time on such things. It can be easy to believe we have arrived when we have not. The key is this, we never arrive. Cultivate this mindset in your spiritual life and your personal growth. It will take you higher and further than you or I can imagine.  So what do you hunger for?  


When You Take Two Steps Back and One Forward

Sometimes I read things I posted a couple of years ago and wonder whether or not I am becoming wiser as the years pass.  It’s rather silly that such a thought as that comes to mind because I know the choices I have made are done and over.  Even if I felt like I took two steps back and then one forward!  Since I made the decision to halt my ‘veterinary dreams’ I have pondered whether or not that previous sentence is true.  I have already stated that I don’t need more credentials to give to the world around me.  The funny part is that a dream…never really dies, dang nab it!  Sometime in life we make choices that give us instant gratification, and I can honestly admit that I tend to do this.  However, there were other logical factors involved in my decision such as how to pay for such mind-boggling, expensive education as I was not a resident of the state I was about to enter.  My heart told me that it was more important for me to be with Mi Lechero aka my husband, and to work on some others goals near and dear to me.  Sometimes we shoot so high for a dream, we want to jump the whole staircase instead of take it step by step.  When we reach a success rapidly, maybe our mentality hasn’t caught up with where we were headed.  Life isn’t making as much sense as I thought it would and I wish I would’ve known more of these things earlier in life, so now I am grateful I do!  I am glad God is showing me that while I strive for a goal, I have to put myself there mentally before I can get there.  It is WAY to easy for me to be distracted by things that pull at my heart.  I heard someone say that sometimes in life God has a big lesson for us to learn about ourselves, and until that character comes out strong enough for us to notice we’ll never change it.  Well, I think that mine shouted at me loud and clear.  It has been a blessing having time to work on my own character and do some self-examination.  I think it is good for all of us to do that, though I expect few will.  God is working in my life and using some great people around me here in Georgia to teach me many things.  For now, I am just grateful for the new opportunities in front of me, thankful to have learned more about my own character and what I can do to make it stronger for whatever God decides to lay in front me in the future.  After all one once said, luck means good preparation meets opportunity.  I guess my journey requires me to take a couple steps back in order for me to continue forward and you know what, thank God I am not the only one!  Here’s to better preparation mentally, physically, and spiritually for whatever life brings because as far as I know the rest of life has a lot of blank pages to be filled!

When Dreams Evolve

There is nothing easy about pursuing one’s dreams.  I have always had this idea in my head that there were certain things I couldn’t achieve unless I attained a veterinary license.  Which I recently discovered to be untrue.  I assumed if I didn’t accomplish that, then I was taking the path of least resistance.  Also, untrue!  I believe that the veterinary profession is a noble calling and if you desire it, then go after it.  However my dreams evolved.  The hard part about that was the huge surprise it threw on many people in my life.  Now I know why, and I learned something very valuable from that.  I realized that showing people my vulnerability should happen.  Sharing my complete thoughts with those who deserved to hear them about acceptance to veterinary school would have made a huge difference.  In fact, this wouldn’t be written if I had just had the difficult discussions earlier.   But I am still learning how to be vulnerable, and it is so hard.  I hate asking for help and I hate showing uncertainty.  As an uncertain person about pursuing my education in a classroom countless times before; I was afraid to connect on the topic with people close to me.  My point is no matter what you have said you want to do, don’t be afraid to connect with those closest to you about it.  They deserve to know.  At the same time, don’t be afraid to change your mind no matter how they react.  After all we don’t have to connect with anyone if we don’t want to, but what kind of life is that?  It is OK to be weak, it is OK to have doubts, and it is OK to share your secrets.  Just don’t allow your weakness, your doubts, and your secrets to isolate you from those closest to you about decisions.  They won’t give up on you and they deserve to know.  None of us are perfect and we all need help from people in our lives.  Don’t be afraid to let your true self out and let your dreams evolve.  

From Stomachs to Souls with Dreams and Goals!

Well I cannot believe I have already been working here at Watertown Holsteins for just over two months!  It has been a huge learning experience already as I am working with my family, and gaining new responsibilities on the dairy.  The time that I was without a Mac was actually a blessing in disguise.  Even though I missed blogging a lot, it’s been hard to get back in the swing of things!  However that time allowed me to reflect on my summer, my college career and decide what goals I think God wants me to pursue in the near future.  I always learn a lot during an experience but even more from reflecting on it as time passes.  As I look back on my summer I feel blessed to have been given knowledge, training, hands-on experience, and friends at Maddox Dairy on my internship.  It was an inspiring place for me to be!  I set out for California in May after graduation excited to see more of the dairy industry in another state.  But I didn’t realize that I would learn and gain so much that it would change my life.

When I arrived, I felt like an olympic athlete before he or she walks in to the Olympic training center for the first time.  He or she feels excited, nervous, proud and just can’t wait to get to work!  Because for me, as seriously as an olympic athlete takes their training, I take mine, as I prepare for a career in the dairy industry, in agriculture.

My journey through dairy started when I was just a young little girl, but it has a long, long ways to go.  In the last few weeks of my internship I had a chance to practice artificial insemination, trim hooves, shadow the manager, and shadow the veterinarian of the embryo transfer program at Maddox and RuAnn Dairies.  For everything that I was taught during my internship, I told the folks there I ought to be paying them for letting me come!  For me, it was a one of a kind experience.  Through the internship this summer, my college career and in the recent weeks I have determined that I am going to full on pursue my dream to become a veterinarian.  It is a dream I have had since I first watched a vet fix a cow’s displaced abomasum here at my home farm when I was about eight years old.

Ever since it’s one of those dreams that has always lingered, even as I pursued and completed my degree in dairy production from South Dakota State.  Through college, I went back and forth many times wondering and asking myself “what do I really want?”  To me it is a huge commitment and when I was trying to make it before it wasn’t the right time in my life.  I can see now that my faith along with all the experiences and activities I committed to in college helped me become what I am, and I believe they will ultimately help me reach my goals in this life.  Now, I know of course that I have to be accepted to a veterinary school, and that itself is extremely competitive.  But now I have the right attitude and motivation for going after that acceptance letter.

I believe it is important to follow and trust God in making decisions.  Even though I don’t always do that; I am trying to more and more each day.  The biggest thing we all have to do in this life is admit that we mess up, we make wrong choices, follow the wrong path.  The best thing part is that God is always there to put you back on the right track.  There are always consequences for our actions, but He never gives up on us!  Sometimes I wonder why on earth God gave me the passions I have, but then I remember that God put them in me for a specific purpose.  I also know without a doubt that His timing is best and that He will give me the strength I need.  When I was young I never dreamed that my generation would have to produce enough food for 9 billion people by 2050!  Not only that but we have to do it more efficiently with less land and resources!  On top of that, as agriculturalists, we have to advocate and prove over and over again that we are doing our very best to produce wholesome food from the land and animals we value and care for.  Everyday I am thankful and happy that I can help feed the world!  For me feeding the world isn’t just about filling stomachs either, it’s also about feeding souls too.  I have many dreams and goals that align with feeding stomachs and souls, but first I am going to follow my dream of becoming a veterinarian.

We all only have one life, just as an athlete may only get chance to attend the Olympics.  We have to make each day count!  Life is meant to be lived with purpose, it is not just a right you have.  It has been given to you by our Creator above.  It is my task be a part of agriculture, to bring honor and glory to God through it, to love others as He does, to help grow and produce the needed food, and to trust Him to make it all come together.  The road ahead will be tough, but at the end of the day I KNOW He knows what is best.  In reality, we are all like Olympic athletes training for the race ahead.  It is just that some of us are “in the training center” and some of us are watching from the outside.