Can We Change the World?  

Around the world there are countless men and women working hard, and sadly some places children too. Some are thriving and others are just surviving.  It has been an honor to get to know more of them throughout my life. I know that life itself is a gift.  I am privileged to live in the USA. We have such abundance — from buildings and roads to land and animals. These are not ours, we are merely stewards of them.  It is important that we seek to improve the care of all and at the top of the list our fellow brothers and sisters no matter their race, color or creed.  Thankfully there are men and women doing just that.  But I also realize that there’s so much more that ALL of us can do no matter our vocation.  This might be shocking but did you know that 750 million people around the world do not have adequate drinking water? To do our best, to change the world for the better is something that leaders have been inspiring for centuries.  I believe we as people no matter our vocation are trying to do better.  In agriculture I believe we are trying to transparently produce food better but we fall short and further than that we need systems to transport that food where it is most needed.  More than that we need people with the desire to help and to serve with no agenda.  There’s a book, ImpactWe Can Change the World, I read this past year. It was written by Kirk Gilchrist.  This is the description:

Can we change the world? Can an individual actually have a part in shaping their environment? What about the United States of America? Did God raise up this nation to effect the world? And if so, why? Impact: We Can Change the World, helps us to understand how easy these questions can be answered it illuminates the realities that we as the church world and as a nation were created for exactly this purpose — to change the world.
This booklet both challenges and inspires as it presents the jewels that make up the crown of sacrificial giving. Giving is not only our privilege, but we are created to function best as a giving people. We are called to change the world. And we can do it! Explore the how’s, and whys and dos that transform us into the most powerful servants on the face of the earth.

This book has changed my life.  It has helped me to understand that we were all created by a creator to keep creating for Him.  We are designed to give.  As Ana, I am called to change the world in the way that I can.  You too are called to change the world!!  We don’t know how to do that on our own, we need guidance, to keep growing and learning.  What we can know and trust today is that there is a God who can see what we cannot and so we must follow Him to get a realistic view of how we can impact and change the world around us.  One of my favorite books says, “I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.”  How can a person who is separated from his or her creator function well?  How can a branch perform if it is cut off???  I love dairy cattle so here’s an example, when a cow has a calf we have to feed it colostrum ASAP. Or get it to drink from the momma ASAP!  The calf must have the colostrum!!!  WHY??  It’s immunity, life and future depend upon it.  In the same manner our lives depend on if we are fed spiritually from our life source.  One of the details farmers and ranchers know about feeding colostrum is that it needs to be done ASAP for immunity so that nothing else tries to take its place, such as bacteria.  What if we as people had the same posture in feeding ourselves from our life source?  Could it be that you are like me and you’ve been missing the ‘colostrum’ a.k.a. words of life, and are deformed inside because other ‘bacteria’ a.k.a. negative messages about your worth and your value, or your past have taken its place?  You see when a calf gets the colostrum nothing can take its place and its immune system is strengthened, but if the calf doesn’t—bacteria come in and can cause damage for months or even years to the calf’s life.  Those bacteria rob the calf all that it can be.  You were created to do something extraordinary!  There’s a plan for you, to change the world in only the way you can!  Remember, consistency is KEY!!  A calf cannot miss it’s colostrum or meals and we can’t either!!  We don’t need to give the ‘bacteria’ a.k.a. negative messages about our worth, our value or our purpose, a chance to get in to our lives and rob us of all that we can be.  They say the best defense is offense so what are you feeding yourself daily? There is only one source for life giving words, the Bible. Many write books to try to help you excel in life but there’s a God who knew you before you were born. He’s the one who purposed a plan for you before you were conceived. He’s the one who knows your thoughts before you think them and still loves you! He is your Heavenly Father! I’d say His word is worth reading. Whatever it is that you do, you were created to change the world!!  You are set apart to be a powerful person who brings something special to all that you put your hands and mind to do.

To order>>>Impact:We Can Change the World here today.  The world needs you.


3 Ideas to Stay Motivated in Daily Life

They say the only constant in life is change.   I have done my best to enjoy each and every step of my journey because of God’s grace, including the fun days and the not so fun days.  With all the changes in life one might think we could all ‘stay on our toes’.  I know from personal experience that it takes more than just my own thinking to keep me motivated, that is for sure!  I understand how daily life can tend to become routine deterring our creativity, spontaneity and motivation.  Here are three ideas that help me stay motivated in my daily life.

1.  Find learning opportunities that spark your curiosity

Whether it’s a local small group, an online webinar, a local or virtual mastermind group, a speaker, a coach to help you reach your goals or a new hobby that requires some practice or lessons.  Find something that keeps your brain engaged at a higher level on a daily and or weekly basis.  This will help you stay more productive.  I find that if I am looking forward to an opportunity and anticipate that more is coming, I will push harder to finish my current task(s) preventing me from enjoying it.  

2.  Read inspiring motivational quotes and books

In this digital age it is disgustingly EASY to waste time on a smart phone.  Instead of letting my phone distract me from productive tasks I allow myself to read motivational quotes and listen to books on the Audible app.  Various social media apps for example Instagram, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr and even Facebook have people or pages to follow that constantly display motivational and inspirational quotes.  There are also many motivational speakers and authors whose web pages you can subscribe to via email.  For example, John C. Maxwell, a renowned speaker and author, has a daily ‘Minute with Maxwell’ coaching video I’m subscribed to.  Turn apps and subscriptions into things that help inspire you to accomplish your goals, not distracts you from them!  In my personal experience and because my faith is so important to who I am, I have to share that keeping myself grounded in the Bible is key.  This allows for me to see more and more of God’s vision for me, which helps me to stay motivated more than any of the things I listed above!!!  

3.  Listen to motivational speeches and podcasts

YouTube as well as MusicTube are great places to create playlists of motivational speeches and videos.  MusicTube is similar to YouTube but allows you to download the video and play it anytime without the use of the internet which saves $$ on data packages.  Just search for motivational speeches and believe me, there will be plenty!!  Take advantage of them!  Four of my favorites are Zig Ziglar, John Maxwell, Eric Thomas and Les Brown.  Don’t forget about podcasts either, there is an abundance of great content out there, you just have to look!  Here’s a place to start>>>Check out my friend, Brent Kelly’s BizzGrowl Podcasts at  

Hope these 3 ideas help you stay MORE motivated in your daily life! 

Headed to Brazil for two weeks with the U.S. Grains Council and National FFA Organization for the I-CAL Program! I can’t wait to learn about their agriculture industry and culture!! I will try to keep updates here but most of the news about my journey there will be posted upon my return! See you in two weeks USA!