Dairy Violin Joke

Great joke on my milk carton!


Watching her on the camera to see when she is done licking her baby off. Then we will feed colostrum, momma’s first #milk after giving birth, and the baby’s first, extremely important, nutritious meal. #dairy (at Watertown Holsteins)

Clean, clean, clean equipment to #milk those #cows so you and I can enjoy those delicious, quality #dairyproducts! #milk #icecream #cheese #yogurt

Here at Watertown Holsteins we disinfect and clean our milking equipment BEFORE AND AFTER we milk our 90 cows.  This is a very common practice among most dairymen and some dairy farms even disinfect each milker in between cows!  Hygiene is extremely important to us here on the dairy!  We do it because it keeps the cows healthy and it keeps you and me healthy!  

Milk tester is here! We check each cow’s #milk production every month here on our #dairy. The meter reads above 40 pounds for one milking. That means she milks about 80 lbs/day! Which would be about 9 gallons of milk!! #holsteins #milk #drinkup (at Watertown Holsteins)

#Milk! 👍😎 #dairyfarmer (at Watertown Holsteins)

This is what part of our milking equipment looks like.  Each cows has four quarters, each with a teat completing her one udder.  The milker has four teat cups, one for each quarter.  When the teat cups are on her they feel much like a calf suckling on her teats.  The milk goes from the milker, into the bottom hose that connects to a stainless steel pipeline that carries the milk to a refrigerated cooler, called a bulk tank.  The top hose that looks like two hoses stuck together is the pulsation hose.  This pulsating function is such that while two teat cups are milking two release slightly and this motion goes back and forth till she is done.  The pulsation is what gently squeezes her teat.  So only two teats are gently squeezed, then two released, then two squeezed, then two released etc.  

Dairy farmers want labeling changed on soy and rice products

“Dairy farmers say soy products on the market calling themselves “milk” or “yogurt” are making false claims.”  (recordnet.com)

I have heard the saying, show me how to milk a soybean and I will call it milk.  I always chuckle when I hear this because it’s impossible to milk a soybean haha!  I understand why someone who has allergies to dairy or lactose intolerance may choose a product without dairy.  However even with lactose intolerance, one can consume dairy products, just in small amounts at a time.  This is an interesting read from recordnet.com.  Check it out as well as some of the useful links I have attached below.  

To learn more about the dairy imitators click on this link, http://www.midwestdairy.com/0t298p335/dairy-imitators/ 

If you are lactose intolerant or think you may be check out this site for more helpful information.





Dairy farmers want labeling changed on soy and rice products

I also have this lil heifer who drinks her milk so daintily, what a lil lady! The calves here at Watertown Holsteins are fed a bottle for two weeks. Then they drink milk from a clean bucket for four to five weeks depending on their needs and growth. They also receive fresh water and grain multiple times everyday.