The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth

Each and every one of us has something special inside of us, there’s something we were each created to do.  John Maxwell has been passionate about personal growth for over 50 years and in this book shares how we can reach our full potential.  Each day we have an opportunity to grow ourselves so that we can unveil what’s inside of us and become all that we were created to be.  Come on a journey through these 15 invaluable laws of growth to give yourself an edge on reaching your full potential!  The world needs you!

Why join a mastermind instead of read the book on your own?  

  • Sharpen your personal and business skills 
  • Strengthen your network by surrounding yourself with optimistic like-minded indivuals 
  • Create an action plan for your growth and have accountability for that plan
  • Learn from others experience
  • Gain insight into yourself 

This mastermind is 10 weeks in duration for 1 hour each week.  The next one will start Janurary 2018.  Please email me at to sign up!